Is Your Garden Ready for Spring?

Spring Gardening is Around the Corner

With the weather this nice and sunny it is easy to be fooled into thinking spring is already here. Before we start getting into our springtime gardens, it is important to start preparing our gardens now. Pruning, weed prevention, and planting are the top three activities in which to focus to get your garden ready for spring.

Pruning, Pruning, Pruning

The first step to getting spring ready is pruning. Prioritize by pruning your rose bushes in early spring before their new growth has begun. The tools you will need are hand shears and long handled loppers for the thick hard to break branches.

Three Easy Steps for Rose Bush Pruning:

1. Make sure to cut out dead wood and spindly branches. It is also important to cut stems that rub together as these are prime areas for disease.

2. Trim in the shape of a vase; open in the center without any crossing or rubbing branches.

3. Reduce your overall rose bush height by at least a third.

Weed Prevention

The recent rains and warming conditions are thriving grounds for weeds. The best prevention method is applying mulch to your garden. Add a layer of mulch to any areas in your garden that are susceptible to weeds. Mulch suppresses weed growth, which saves you the effort of weed removal in the spring. 

Agri-Turf Supplies offers specialty mulch in bulk quantities. Call us today to schedule a delivery or pick up in store at your convenience.


The month of March is the time to be planting your summer bulbs. Tulips and caladium plants are a popular choice and have been refrigerated by your Gardener in preparation for planting season. Make sure to stagger your planting in order to get new bloom throughout the summer. Planning is key!

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