Planting Native Plants

There are many native Santa Barbara plants that are ideal to plant during this early springtime. The benefits of native plants are that they are made for the sunny Mediterranean Santa Barbara climate, moderately drought resistant and will thrive with the proper care and maintenance.

Sentinel Manzanita -This plant stands at an average of four feet and can tolerate wide varieties of soil types, from rich and heavy soil to sandy soil. An added benefit of these plants is that they are suited for beneficial insects and beautiful hummingbirds.

 Butterfly on Native Sentinel Manzanita

Butterfly on Native Sentinel Manzanita

Southern Monkey Flower - Standing at one to three feet, this long flowered plant is best classified by it’s creamy yellow flowers that bloom in early summer and continue blooming for months after. Long lasting with infrequent watering, these plants are great at attracting small birds making for a wonderful bird garden.

When planting new flowers and buds make sure to use organic soil amendments such as E.B Stone Planting Mix sold in stores.

Southern Monkey Flower

Native Southern Monkey Flower

Our expert team here at Agri-Turf Supplies is available to answer any planting or agriculture questions you may have. Come into our store today to talk to a specialist who can refer you to products best for your individual garden. 

(Photos via Las Pilitas Nursery 1 & 2)


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