News flash: Prevent this olive mess from happening again!

1. Timing? Messy olives can only be prevented before the fruit sets.

2. When? “Olive Stop” should be applied when your tree/trees are in full bloom (see image below).

3. Will it prevent all of the fruit? Olive Stop only prevents fruit from setting on open flowers. Since all of the flowers do not open simultaneously, two applications are often needed for the best results.

4. Is the spray toxic? Olive Stop is in the lowest toxicity category. Therefore, it is considered to be safe for people or pets to reenter the area as soon as the tree stops dripping.

5. How much does it cost? $100.00 is the minimum cost per visit. A single large tree may cost $150.00; however, there is economy in numbers.

6. How much advanced notice do you need? Since timing is critical, we normally schedule the completion of your job within two or three days.

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When to spray your olives

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News flash: Prevent this olive mess from happening again!

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