New Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance

Changing your landscape? You might need to have a soil test done to comply with a Santa Barbara County ordinance. 

The County of Santa Barbara is requiring all major landscaping projects to complete a soil management report as part of their new "Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance" (WELO). This ordinance went into effect at the beginning of 2016 and is now starting to be enforced. There is an application package to be filled out along with the soil test.

In order to be compliant with the new regulations, the soil test along with the application must be completed prior to the completion of the landscape project.

For more information, please visit California Department of Water Resources

Soil Testing

Soil Reports Available at Agri-Turf Supplies 

For Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance compliant soil tests, Agri-Turf Supplies offers a full range of soil testing, analysis, and recommendations. Soil Test analysis can take from 10 to 18 days to analyze and process, so plan accordingly for your landscape project timeline. 

Call us today to get more information on how to collect your own soil sample or to arrange a soil collection (usually next day) by a trained staff member. Click here for more information about what we provide. 

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