Meet the Owner - George Schnackenberg

George is now officially back with Agri-Turf Supplies on a day to day basis. As well as being the owner of Agri-Turf, George is also currently working on properties of our customers, transitioning them from conventional fertility and pest control to organic and biological cultural care. He will also be leading technical and product knowledge classes held here at Agri-Turf. Under George’s leadership, Agri-Turf was the first company in Santa Barbara to brew compost tea for commercial applications, and we continue to develop blended brews for specific needs of specialty crops.


George has been developing organic fertility programs for the turf and ornamental sector over the past 19 years . These programs are geared towards testing protocols and processes that address the health of the soil.

Over the last few year, George had also been working for Reiter Brother Inc, one of the largest production berry farmers on the central coast, developing their organic fertility program and calendar for all four berries: blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries. Reiter Brothers is the primary growers for Driscoll berries, seen in local grocery stores. George has had tremendous success as their lead agronomist over the past few years and continues to help them out on a consulting basis.

Come into Agri-Turf today to meet with George or any other member of our exceptional team.

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Owner, George Schnackenberg

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