June Promotion: GopherHawk!

The GopherHawk is a unique style of trap for gophers as well as moles, that is effective, easy to use, does not require the the use of a shovel, and eliminates many of the inconveniences of traditional traps. "The Gopherhawk Probe makes locating tunnels fast and effortless."

From June 1st until June 14th, we will be offering a promotional discount of 30% off the purchase of a GopherHawk single trap (only $14.99!), with purchase of a GopherHawk starter set*.

ATS June Promotion

The GopherHawk starter set contains one trap, as well as one probe/wedge tool, necessary to locate tunnels and then open the soil so that the trap may be set. Single traps are sold with out a probe/wedge tool, however a single probe/wedge may be used to set multiple traps.

We welcome you to come in this week and try the remarkable GopherHawk for yourself, or if your already a convert, to add a few more traps to your arsenal.

*Offer ends June 14th 2019. Discount limited to one single trap per starter set.

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June Promotion: GopherHawk!

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