It's time to prune your Roses

Common garden roses require a period of winter dormancy. Due to our warmer coastal climate, roses may grow all year round and therefore they must be pruned in order to encourage this winter dormancy. This encourages beautiful full bloom by the spring season. The benefits of pruning go beyond just aesthetics. Pruning also improves the overall health of your roses, can help prevent disease and encourages better flowering. The best time to prune your rose bushes is right before the new growth starts.

The 3 R’s of rose pruning are as follows: 

  1. Remove all the dead and diseased wood on the bush

  2. Reduce the overall height

  3. Rejuvenate the plants by improving their shape

Step 1: Removing

Prune the stems and branches that look dead or sickly. Also remove all branches that cross over onto another branches. This prevents them from touching and encouraging disease and rot where they rub together.

Step 2: Reducing

Rose trees grow back quickly, therefore it is important to reduce their overall height by at least 1/3 of their height. These cuts should be made outward facing in order to direct the growth of buds towards the outside.

Step 3: Rejuvenating

Depending on the size of your rose bush, choose 6 -8 strong branches to keep on the bush. These should not be touching each other and radiate outwards looking like an open vase.

It is essential to use a dormant spray once the pruning process is finished. We at Agri-Turf Supplies recommend Liqui-Cop Fungicide, sold here or in stores.

Liqui-Cop Fungicide

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