Beginners Guide to Planting Flowers

Growing flowers can be a lot easier than you’d imagine if you use these tricks that professionals use. Start with a small bed and see how easy it can be:
Select a sunny location that is easy to water.
Clear a planting bed of grass and weeds by turning the soil and removing as much of the vegetation as possible. Using a weed control product a few days before bed preparation may help in this process. As you will need to water the bed regularly, make sure it is convenient to a hose or watering source.
Take care of the soil
The soil should be amended with organic material to create a fluffy soil that will hold moisture and drain well. A large bag of potting mix will work well for flower soil. You need about a three inch depth of prepped soil.
Create a stage on which to plant your flowers.
The bed should slope downward toward the viewing area. Creating this slope toward the viewer insures that every flower in the bed will be visible. If the bed is flat or slopes away from the viewer, only the first row of flowers will be visible.
Planting is simple but here are some important need-to-knows:
  •          Plant spacing should be 8” to 10” with small cell pack plants and 12” to 18” with 4 to 6 inch pots.
  •          Set plants in triangular spacing, starting at the front of the bed and moving toward the back. When done correctly, you can’t see rows of plants from the primary viewing angle.
  •          Gently tease open the roots on each plant as you set it into the bed and plant it so the top of root system is slightly above the soil surface.
  •          Leave a border around the bed so flowers have room to grow without spreading over the lawn or side walk.
  •          Fertilize liberally with a 100% slow release fertilizer and leave it on the soil surface.
Water and enjoy.
Keep soil moist, but not waterlogged, with frequent watering until plants are well established.  If you lose a few flowers at the front of the bed you can always steal a few from the back row to fill in the open spaces.
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