Getting El Nino Ready

With the El Nino season upon us, we must do our best to protect our gardens and keep them thriving in the rain. We at Agri-Turf Supplies are ready to help you with all your gardening needs, with specific products tailored to your El Nino gardening needs. Some helpful tips for this upcoming spring season: 

1. Get ready to prepare your soil to absorb rainwater. This prevents runoff and erosion.

2. Make sure your automated sprinkler system is off. You shouldn’t need those until late spring time this year.

3. Reinforce your fencing and potted plants against the rain and heavy winds.

4. Check on the health of your trees. If the root system is weak or too shallow, they will be unable to withstand the storms.

Meet Robert Muraoka, our in store Arborist. Bring in all questions or concerns you may have about your trees or landscape. Robert is also available to come out to your property and provide an in depth consultation.

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