Compost Tea

What Is Compost Tea?

Compost tea is a liquid extract of compost that contains plant growth compounds and beneficial microorganisms. Liquid extracts have been in use for hundreds of years in agriculture to promote plant and soil health. These extracts have historically been derived from a wide range of plant materials and animal manures, using a variety of processing methods. Compost teas are now being produced and being used for large-scale agriculture, viticulture, horticulture, nurseries, lawn care, and residential gardens.

The Right Compost Is Crucial!

Compost is the source of organic matter and organisms for extraction, so quality is important! The quality of the tea is only as good as the compost used to make it. Here at Agri-Turf Supplies, we only use the best proven ingrediants. We use worm castings and Canadian Sea Kelp blended with compost because of their highly diverse microbial composition. Sold in stores is a mixture in a pack made to mix with 100 gallons of ph-balanced water as well as ready to be applied by our experience staff. 


Benefits of Compost Tea
Compost tea is a good overall plant health booster. Healthy plants are better able to resist pests and diseases! Compost tea is typically used:

• Provide nutrients for foliar or soil application

• To help build soil microbial populations


Research has not shown that compost teas can prevent foliar diseases through foliar sprays in a consistent fashion. Compost tea is more accurately described as a soil or foliar inoculant to be used in combination with other good organic gardening practices and inputs.

Here at Agri-Turf, we offer both the application service to come out and apply our homemade compost tea as well as the tools and products to mix your own compost tea at home.



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Compost Tea


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