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The agricultural benefits of bees are outstanding! As well as their honey, bees are also the main source of pollination for many of our favorite foods; apples, blueberries, cherries, kiwis and melons to name a few. Their pollination efforts are responsible for one out of every three foods that humans eat. 

Some plants are unable to pollinate without the help of bees. This makes the steady disappearance of honeybees all the more alarming. There is a mysterious decline in the bee population and it is threating the pollination of our crops. We have long relied on bees for their food producing abilities and it is our turn to help them! 

What can you do to help the bees

1. Planting bee friendly flowers in your backyard

By simply planting flowers in your garden helps provide bees with a safe habitat. Avoid chemically treating these flowers as they can negatively affect the pollen and subsequently the bees. Make sure your lawn and plant treatments do not include garlic ingredients.

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2. Weeds can be beneficial

Clovers and dandelions, typically viewed as an eyesore, are great for bees.  Wildflowers especially are an important food source for North American Bees.  

3.Keeping a small pan of fresh water outside your house

Bee’s get thirsty too! As you aim for a bee friendly garden, a small shallow bird bath is greatly appreciated by the hardworking bees.

Honeybees are vegetarian and not out to get us. They are hard at work foraging pollen and nectar from flowers and pollinating seeds. If a bee does happen upon you, don’t panic, they mostly want to sniff you out not sting you. As long as you are not standing in front of their hive, bees will go about their business without interfering with yours.

Come into Agri-Turf today to find out more on how you can help the bees and other bee friendly gardening tips!

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