June Promotion: GopherHawk!

This week we will be offering a promotional discount of 30% off the purchase of a GopherHawk single trap (only $14.99!), with purchase of a GopherHawk starter set*.

News flash: Prevent this olive mess from happening again!

Timing? Will it prevent all of the fruit? Is the spray toxic? How much does it cost? And more...

Stihl Open House

Come join us for a Stihl Open House, here at Agri-Turf Supplies June 1st all day.

Beginners Guide to Planting Flowers

For those of us without a “green thumb,” growing flowers in outdoor plant beds can be intimidating

Compost Tea

What is compost tea and how can it help your landscape

The Buzz about Bees

Find out how you can help save the declining bee population!

Meet the Owner - George Schnackenberg

With a long family history in Agriculture and pest control, George Schnackenberg has propelled Agri-Turf Supplies further into the organic and biological culture space

New Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance

Updating your landscape? The County of Santa Barbara is requiring all major landscaping projects to complete a soil management report as part of their new "Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance" (WELO).

Meet our Arborist: Robert Muraoka

A Santa Barbara native having lived in the area for over 60 years, Robert Muraoka shares a special relationship with his hometown that led to a career in plants and agriculture.

Planting Native Plants

Spring represents the last opportunity for planting on the central coast!

Stihl’s Top 10 Power Tool Maintenance Tips for Spring

Haven't used your power equipment much this winter? Learn how to get your equipment up and running reliably for this spring and summer.

It's time to prune your Roses

Pruning improves the overall health of your roses, can help prevent disease and encourages better flowering. Learn the 3 R’s of rose pruning.

Is Your Garden Ready for Spring?

Pruning, Pruning, Pruning. The first step to getting spring ready is pruning. Do you know how to properly prune?

Getting El Nino Ready

With the El Nino season upon us, we must do our best to protect our gardens and keep them thriving in the rain. Learn helpful tips to maximize your landscape in the rain this spring season.

What You Need to Know About Asian Citrus Psyllid Disease

Citrus trees owners beware! The only way to prevent this disease from killing our citrus trees is to stop the insect carrying it.

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