What We Provide:

  • Santa Barbara based retail, wholesale and delivery business fulfilling the growing needs of ranches, estates and homeowners for the last 60 years.
  • The only digital reporting capability in the market that can track irrigation systems, water use, fertilization and crop productivity for your estate or farm.
  • The one stop provider of soil testing, ranch mapping, irrigation management and progressive fertilization solutions for all agricultural and landscape properties.
  • The market leader in devising the most cost effective sustainability initiatives for landscape maintenance and soil conservation.
  • The most knowledgeable conventional to organic conversion team to guide you in selection of organics and compliance with government conversion regulations.


Residential Homeowners

In the most severe drought in California history, Agri Turf is here to help you manage your garden with best practices in a specialized regimen of water conserving products, plantings, amendments and conservation techniques. We combine expert advice from our agronomists who will visit you and provide the applications needed to rescue your drought stressed landscape, including the attendant drought-related disease and pest control issues. Call or visit our retail location in Santa Barbara, or contact us online for advice, and to choose from a wide assortment of amendments, fertilizers and specialty products to conserve the beauty of your garden and the productivity of your vegetable and fruit harvests.

Professional Applicators

We stock a full line of high volume soil amendments and mulches, disease and pest control applications, power tools for your daily work, a full service maintenance shop to fix your tools, and expert agronomists that support you in solving any cultivation, pest control or other concern of your clients, whether a landowner, school, hotel, ranch or farm.




Whether its maximizing the yield in your crop harvesting, mapping and testing your soil, or amending your orchard, berry farm or landscape to accelerate production, we have the team to combine our 60 years in the ag space with our leading edge technology resources to work with you on all aspects from procurement at the best prices to harvesting at the highest yields guarantee a sustainable, profitable operation.

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